The Tactical Advantage that Saves Lives

Imagine providing fire fighters and all first responders with a complete picture of the scene and scenario they are going to encounter. FireFront gives your team a fully integrated display that will send continuously updated information to your team without exposing them to direct hazards. FireFront will provide information such as:

  • Weather
  • Location/Velocity
  • Vibration
  • HAZMAT Presence
  • Video

At the heart of the FireFront system is a powerful tactical data display, that combines several streams of data into one real-time display.

Intelipods image


The Lightweight Leading Edge of the FireFront System

The FireFront System is based on our exclusive Intelipod. The low-cost pods have lightweight micro-sensors with Bluetooth/RF capabilities that provide critical datapoints including weather, velocity, vibration and HAZMAT presence.

Intelipod is scalable to address different mission sets and gives first responders a new portfolio of capabilities:

  • Enhanced initial situation awareness
  • Real-time remote detection of micro conditions
  • Visibility to a rapidly changing environment
  • Notifications to front line fighters
  • Flexibility of deployment
  • In-depth knowledge of fire characteristics
  • Chemical makeup
Intelipods image

Intelipod Deployment Methods
Venti team interact with firemen and police officers

We have created our pods so that the system of delivery fits your situational needs. Get the sensors on the scene via:

  • UAV
  • Air Cannon
  • Hand Toss
  • Tether

Only the FireFront System brings together this many deployment options to provide an unsurpassed level of tactical readiness.

The Heart of the FireFront System
Venti staff with FireFront system image

Managing so many streams of data in seconds demands a cohesive display of real-time, micro-environmental conditions that inform the IC. Inputs from Intelipods and the UAV combine real-time information with an integrated mapping display and allow ground teams to zoom in on areas of interest.

With so much tactical information being captured so fast, your team needs a way to see the entire situation at a glance. While the the tactical data display pulls all the data points together, the ruggedized FireFront display makes it accessible, even in the worst field conditions—because information is pointless if you can’t access it.

Tactical Data Display Future State

We are continually working to advance the capabilities of the FireFront system so that your team gets the clearest and most information-packed view possible. This video shows a simulation of what we are currently developing.

Aftermath and Forensic Analysis

Even after the fire has run its course, FireFront continues to provide a new level of safety and remotely gathered intelligence:

  • Off gassing hazards
  • Re-ignition hazards
  • Persistent hydro-carbon based gas leaks

Contact us to learn more about our FireFront system and how it gives your team an advanced tactical advantage.